We believe that better business makes for great communities.

There are many great coaching options, but you won’t hear us talk about our competition. If you align with our reason why we build better businesses, then we are destined for greatness together! 

We have solutions that will take you to the next level personally, professionally and profitably.

It’s the Experience

From the initial engagement to the on-going day-to-day relationship, Infinite Ping is focused on providing your with the best overall experience.

We do that by bringing the right resource at the right time to provide the right solution for you and your company.

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George Rizkallah
Water Management Initiative - Amman, Jordan
Deputy Chief of Party

I knew Byron while he was working on alumni relations for Cairo American College. He struck me as someone with a real knack for seeing opportunity, and then figuring out a strategy for getting there. The 70th anniversary celebration was a real triumph for the school and something that would not have happened without his vision, and networking ability.

Byron is a persuasive speaker, and a real problem solver too.

Narratus Creative
Denise Chaney
Narratus Creative

Walking through coaching with Byron has been extremely positive experience. Initially, he listened to me explain my business pain points, offered some immediate suggestions to “right the ship” and then began asking questions. His questions were provoking, inspiring and reflective and they lead me to discovery of why my business was operating inefficiently.

Not only have the issues been identified, Byron is helping me to frame and clarify key business development objectives, by offering practical tools, techniques and suggestions to get out of a rut and grow my business – which is also helping me grow personally! I would highly recommend having a conversation with Byron.

Every business, small or large, needs to take a pause. Make sure you’re headed in the direction you want to go and that you have the necessary tools to get there. I have found that Byron can help you do just that.

Hassan Abdou
Gemini Holding
Executive Chairman

Byron is a fantastic people person. Genuine, attentive and always looking for ways to support a colleague or cause.

His experience working both for small and large organizations and adding value to processes and strategies makes him uniquely valuable to companies interested in sharpening their market presence and retaining customers.

Jack Potter
Weber Group, Inc
Construction Superintendent

Byron is professional, hard-working, and committed to ethical business practices, while delivering high quality work. His character, integrity, and vast experience would complement any organization’s goals or an individual’s pursuit of career excellence.

I’m honored to know Byron and hope to work with him again some day.

Samir Alaily
Investia Venture Capital
Chairman and Founder

Byron invited me to join his activities in fund raising for the Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt. I was very impressed with his creativity, discipline and team building capabilities.

Later, in his new role as an entrepreneur starting a business consultancy in Egypt I came to know of his innovative approach to this activity and his deep knowledge of what companies in Egypt need to grow and be able to compete in the international markets.

Bob Cowie
GHY International

Darcy is committed to providing outstanding value added solutions to our clients to assist them in trade related issues.

Ginnie Venslovaitis
Immediate Past Chair

Darcy and I worked together on the National CITT board. Darcy’s insight and professionalism is respected, appreciated and counted on to bring our CITT members a better product and drive industry recognition.

Paul Murphy

I have had the pleasure of working with Darcy for more than a decade. His knowledge, experience and guidance has proven invaluable. Darcy’s problem solving skills blended with a “get it done right, the first time” approach is refreshing. I recommend him without hesitation.

Judy LeRoye
Senior Transportation & Customs Analyst
Manitoba Hydro

Darcy, is both professional and personable. Our business dealings are always a pleasure.

Core Values

We Hold Ourselves Accountable to this Antidote of Self-interest

We are committed to the standards of trust and honesty in all our dealings and fully accountable for all our commitments and results. The root of integrity is about doing the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others, or convenient. It’s not easy to describe, but something you immediately recognize in a person’s behavior.

We Reject the Notion that Leadership is One Person at the Top of the Pyramid

We desire to live and lead through a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. We are focused on the growth and wellbeing of you, your business and your community.

We Will Help You Turn Inertia into Momentum

While patience is an essential leadership attribute, it also demands skills more often associated with management. We’ll help you stop seeing failures or excuses and start seeing resolution, steps and a plan to get to the next level personally, professionally and profitably.

We Don’t Settle

We strive for excellence with each other and with you, our clients, by thorough research, clear communication, detailed preparation and strategic execution. This is our goal and we are nowhere near perfect! But we promise that we are better than we were 6 months ago and we will even better 6 months from now.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has grown as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
Ohio, USA and Egypt. Our team hails from all over the world.

Byron Skaggs, MDiv, CPBC
Senior Business Coach | Thinking Partner | Chairman
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Jennifer Skaggs, PhD
CEO | Senior Consultant
SnC DWC PPI square reversed
Darcy Calder, CCLP
Senior Business Coach | COO
SnC KJN square
Karim Joseph, MBA, CPBC
Country Manager | Senior Business Coach